The supreme body of Sbrinz Cheese GmbH is the company's general meeting. Its task is to monitor the management which consists of Sbrinz milk producers, cheese-makers and representatives of commercial companies. The limited liabilities company is based on the articles of the association. The office is staffed by 2 full-time employees.


  • Peter Hegglin, President Sbrinz Käse GmbH
  • Robert Emmenegger, EMMI Käse AG Kirchberg, (trade)
  • Juli Schärli, Lustenberger & Dürst (trade)
  • Peter Häfeli, Intercheese AG (trade)
  • Thomas Hausheer, Steinhausen (Representative of the milk producers)
  • Martin Rüegsegger, SMP (Representative of the milk producers)
  • Erwin Ackermann, Buochs (Representative of the milk producers)
  • Hans Aschwanden, Seelisberg (Representative of the cheese dairies)
  • Pius Zelger, Steinhausen (Representative of the cheese dairies)
  • Ruedi Windlin, St. Niklausen (Representative of the cheese dairies), Vicepresident of Sbrinz Käse GmbH


Statutes of Sbrinz Käse GmbH (in German)