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One Sbrinz wheel of 45 kg requires over 600 litres of fresh raw milk. Every day the milk is delivered to the cheese dairies, quality-tested, poured into vats and heated up while continuously being stirred. Rennet is added to the hot milk, the mixture allowed to stand for a while before the mass is cut into equally sized particles by means of a cheese harp. This procedure separates the whey from the cheese mass. The mass is then poured into a mould, turned several times and pressed until no more whey is drained off. The cheese body is placed into a brine bath for 18 days and later stored at 18°C for 2 months; during this time the cheese loses a lot of fat matter and water. Placed on its mould side, the cheese body is left to ripen within the area of origin.


More information about production regulations can be found in our Requirement Specifications:

Requirement Specifications (in German)